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Consultations take place in the dogs natural environment, your home. This will allow for you and your dog(s) to be relaxed and can be arranged at your convenience, daytime or evening Monday - Saturday (some Sundays are available).

The whole family are invited to be involved, it will normally take 2-3 hours but I will stay until you feel comfortable and confident to deal thoroughly with all aspects of your dog's behaviour and how to correct it.

Specific problems will be discussed and you will be shown how to respond calmly and effectively.

You, your family and your dog(s) will receive my undivided attention and you will learn the simple and subtle ways you can change your life to make communicating with your dog much more logical and rewarding.

At the end of the consultation you will receive your personal "plan of action" and Jan Fennell's DVD for you to keep as a reference.

As you progress further in training and communicating with your dog I will be available for backup. This is included in the price, so my help and guidance is available for as long as you need it.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to enquire further.

01322 662113 -  07507 702266
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