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my background
From a very early age I loved dogs and did everything I could to be in their company, walking and befriending as many of our neighbours dogs as I could, until the wonderful day I was allowed to have one of my own. Over the years it’s been my pleasure to be associated closely with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

A few years ago I took in a Terrier who, I was told, "needed the corners knocking off" as she was very badly behaved and aggressive. I discovered that she was indeed "bad tempered", would pull on the lead all the time and be very nervous and aggressive when approached. I tried "conventional" methods of training: distraction, long walks, special harnesses, you name it! Unfortunately her behaviour was 
often made much worse by the "training" that was supposed to improve it.

I had previously heard of Amichien® Bonding better known as "Dog Listening" and started to apply the methods exclusively. As a result she transformed into a friendly, happy family dog. More than this, I have learned about how the canine mind works and how to apply this knowledge to maintain peace and harmony.

After studying with Jan Fennell "The Dog Listener" and attaining the Advanced Certificate in Canine Communication and subsequently the status of Recommended Associate Dog Listener, I can show you how to transform your relationship with your dog and solve behavioural problems.

My qualification is attained by consistent success and positive feedback from clients. I know of few other trainers and behaviourists who can give these credentials. (For more information please see "doglisteners and consumer legislation")

It has been my pleasure and privilege to have helped many owners and their dogs, of all breeds ages and sizes, with this method.

You too can learn how your dog can be under control, but relaxed and happy. Obedience training becomes very easy when you find your dog pays you greater attention and as you lay the foundations for a better relationship.

Any age and any breed. If you want to discuss your situation, or find out how I can help, please email or phone.

I mainly cover SE London, Kent and Surrey.
A "rough diamond"!
Attain harmony
With Monty Roberts
I meet "The Horse Whisperer" Monty Roberts  who inspired Jan Fennell to devise Amichien® Bonding
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