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dog behaviour problems solved without gadgets or force
Recommended Dog Listener in Kent and Surrey

Learn to train and communicate with your dog effectively.

Correct all problems without violence, intimidation, confrontation or gadgets.

Learn how to make your relationship with your dog more enjoyable, stress free and rewarding.

Positive dog training, your dog will respond because it wants to.

1 to 1 consultation in your home, with full backup.

Any breed, any age, "rescue" dogs, working dogs and "untrainable".

Carol Purcell - Recommended Associate Jan Fennell Dog Listener
Advanced Certificate in Canine Communication.

"I am so grateful for your clear advice, it's helped me love my dog again"  Jane - Ashford

Quality Assured
Put an end to:
Aggressive behaviour
Nervous behaviour
Destructive behaviour
Fussy eating
Fear of noises
Jumping up
Attention seeking
Pulling on the lead
Learn to communicate with your canine
01322 662113 - 07507 702266
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